Sequencing daily events

Sequencing daily events features in the Maths achievement standard for students in Foundation right through to year 2. They also need to be able to read time to the half hour (year 1) and quarter hour (year 2).

This resource will allow you to teach these concepts in a range of ways. Featuring 16 different event cards there are many ways to use this resource. You may like to use the cards with labels on and sequence them as a whole class or small group. The cards without labels could be used to create their own personal sequence of events. There is also a black and white set which can be used in a cut and paste style activity to create their own schedule.

Included in this resource are ordinal number cards (1st, 2nd etc) and also clock face cards (without hands). These cards can be used after the events have been ordered to identify when each event happens - either first, second etc, or by time (use a marker to draw the hands on the clock face).