Domino Drive In - Addition

A domino drive game to place dominoes into the correct 'carpark' and also a sheet to records sums


This activity has become a favourite of my students during maths rotations! This fun domino game helps students to practise their addition skills to 12.



Student play this game in pairs and each person has their own game board. Between them they have a set of dominos face down. 

They take turns choosing a domino, turning it over and adding the 2 sides together. For example if they turned over a domino with 5 and 3 on it, they add it together and 'park' the domino into the 'car park' that says 8. 

If they turn over a domino and figure out the total and already have a domino in that space, they turn it back over and wait for their next turn. This allows the players to use strategy and remember where dominoes are, and to try and find the totals they need to put into their empty 'car spots'.


The first person to fill all the 'car parks' on their gameboard is the winner.