Lets Tweet about Numbers

Use this activity to assess your students understanding of numbers 1-10.  The activity includes ordering numbers, identifying numbers, one to one counting and making collections, and oral counting.

In preparation for this assessment I printed the birds page onto white card. The students then used a balloon painting technique to decorate the page. You may choose to skip this step and simply print them onto coloured paper. To save time I then cut each childs birds out and secured them together with a paperclip. If you have oh I dont know about 1000 hours, then by all means have your students cut out their own birds! I also printed the branches page out and enlarged it to A3.

To conduct the assessment - 

1. Call up on child and give them their set of birds (NOT in order) and ask them to identify each number.

2. Ask the student to order their birds starting with 1. These then get glued onto the branch page. For speed I had the child put the glue on the back of the bird and then I added it to the branch.

3. Model how to glue 1 paper feather (strip of shiny paper) onto the first bird. Ask the student to repeat with the next bird. Once they have demonstrated that they understand the task call up the next student to start the process while student 1 continues gluing feathers on.

4. Add one little orange square beak to each bird

The oral counting part can be performed at another time, then add this information to the sheet.