Pineapple 5 in Row - number recognition, addition, subtraction to 20

Recognise and add and subtract numbers to 20 with this fun Pineapple 5 in a Row game!

24 different gameboards to play as a whole class or in small groups!

This game can be played in 4 different ways as there are 3 different sets of calling cards

number recognition 0-20 (Numeral cards included)

addition to 20 (addition cards included)

subtraction to 20 (subtraction cards included)

mixture of addition and subtraction to 20.


The aim of the game is to get 5 in a row - up, down, across or  diagonal. 

When a number/problem is called students solve it and then put a  counter on top if it. 

Each gameboard has 5 pineapples already on it and these are free spaces and students only need 4 in that row to win!