Money Match Ups game

This game is a great solo independent activity, and can also be used in maths rotations.

There are 3 different game boards, and 2 different dice to suit your students needs.

To play students roll the dice and then find that coin/value on their board and place a counter. They continue until they have finished. It helps them with that instant recognition of coins and their value. They can play it on their own so it can be a nice, quiet activity.

The 3 game boards are

  • all the same coins in a row - (a row of each different coin)
  • a grid of mixed coins
  • a grid of mixed coins and coin values in numbers

The 2 dice are

  • a dice with coin pictures
  • a dice with coin values in numbers

There are many ways to play this game. You may play with the coin board and the value dice or vice versa.