Blast Off - counting down from 20 or 10 game

Play this game to help students practise counting down from 20/10.

Most students love counting down from 10 on the mat and saying 'Blast off' so this game should be hit

This game is for small groups of 6 or less students.

Each student get a rocket and in the middle is a container or pile with all of the number cards.

Students take turns pulling out a card, reading it and putting it on that number on their rocket. If a student does not know the number they get told by the teacher/EA and put it back into the pile and wait for their next turn, and if they already have that number on their rocket they do the same thing.

The 1st player to fill their rocket and then count backwards from 20/10 and say 'blast off' is the winner

Enlarge the 20 version onto A3 so it is big enough for students to see the numbers properly.

Play the 10 version with on A4, but if you have kindys you may like to enlarge to A3 also so it is bigger for them to read and pick up.