Let's Divide Word Problem Cards and Work Mat

Division Word Problem Cards There are 3 levels of difficulty: Level *  - for students who need support and scaffolding, Level * *  -  for students who have grasped and understand the concept, Level * * *  - for students who need challenging or extending. Each level of the Division Word Problem Cards is on a separate page. The levels could be printed on different colours of paper e.g. Level * on yellow, Level * * on blue, Level * * * on green. The Cards can then be cut out so students use one card at a time. These Cards are used in conjunction with the Division Recording Sheets and/or Division Work Mats.   


Division Recording Sheet There are 3 levels of these sheets. The Recording Sheets are designed for students to show their working out when using the Division Word Problem Cards. Students can be grouped into 3 levels, with each group taking the Division Word Problem Cards for their level. Each student chooses a Card, records the number of the Card on the sheet, works out the problem using pictures/drawings and completes the number sentence. 


Division Work Mat There are 3 levels of these mats. The Work Mats are designed to give students the opportunity to represent and solve division word problems using a variety of    strategies. This allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the concept. Students can copy OR glue the Division Word Problem sentence from the Cards   onto the Work Mat in the Word Problem section OR students could create their own sentences.