Guess My Number - 3 and 4 digits

Guess My Number  - Available in 3 digit and 4 digit numbers


To guess the number within 20 questions.


Number of players 

Can be played as a whole class, small groups or in pairs.


How to play:

* Someone thinks of a number (to be kept a secret)

* Everyone else has to ask yes/no questions to try to  figure out the number (refer to the Question Ideas page for the types of questions that could be asked). 

NOTE: these questions can’t be players guessing specific numbers, this can only happen once the stars are reached.  

* When a question is asked, record it in the table OR tick the box to keep track of how many questions have been asked. 

NOTE: players need to listen very carefully to the questions asked. They need to make sure they use the information on what they know about the number so far (through the questions asked) so they don’t ask the same or similar questions and waste an opportunity.

 The star represents the exact time when students can use the information on what they know about the number during the game and ask about specific numbers e.g. Is the number 34?