Roll - Write - Make ... Place Value Game

This game helps develop your students understanding of place value. Available for two, three and four digit numbers this game caters forthe diverse range of abilities in your class.

To play the game you will need a copy of the game page between two players and a ten sided dice.

The students then roll a 10 sided dice and must decide where to place that number, in the tens or ones column (for example). Roll a second time and write that number in the remaining column. Finally they "make" the number on the line next to the number boxes by drawing lines to represent the number of tens, and small squares or dots to represent the ones. Player 2 then repeats this process. Once both players have had a turn they need to work out who has rolled the largest number. This person colours in the star next to their number. Play again until all numbers are filled in. 

There is also a follow up worksheet available to match this activity.