Clear the Decks

This game is a perfect addition to your math rotations! It is a great game for teaching addition of small numbers and also probability. To play laminate the game boards (you will need 1 for each player). Each player will also require 10 counters, or playing pieces.

The counters are to be placed above the numbers the student predicts they will roll (up to 4 counters can be placed above the same number). They then take turns rolling 2 dice and adding them together. If that number has a counter above it they remove it from the game board and roll again. If the player does not have a counter above it their turn is over. The winner is the first person to "clear the decks" (remove all their counters).

Students will soon learn how difficult it is to roll a 2 or 12 due to the limited number of combinations available to make these numbers.

6 different gameboards to choose from.

Or you could just fill the board and remove a cube each time that number is rolled and the person to remove the last cube is the winner!