Count forwards count back! (to 20)

Use this game to help meet the Maths target of counting forwards and backwards from any starting point to 20.

This resource includes forwards and backward arrows and number cards. Backwards is the red arrows and forward are green arrows.

The arrows are shuffled and placed in the 1st box on the game board and the numbers are shuffled and placed in the next box.

Students turn over a card from each pile and then have to either count forwards to 20 or backwards to 0 from the number they have pulled out.

Eg pull out red arrow and 15. Students need to count backwards from 15, pull out green arrow and 7. Student counts forwards to 20.

There is number line on the bottom to help students.

Have all students complete the question together to start or have students do it individually to the group.

When they are capable you may like to have students play it in pairs during maths rotations.