Greater or Less than Crocodile Game

Play this game to practise using the greater than and less than symbols. It includes number 1-100 number cards to play with.

There are heaps of ways to use this game!

1. Use it during mat sessions to introduce the symbols and play as a whole class.

2.  Students play in partners and sit next to each other.  One student has the greater than crocodile and the other has the less than crocodile. The cards are in a pile and they each turn over a card and place it in front of them. They see whose crocodile belongs in the middle. That person collects both cards. The person with the most cards at the end wins.

3. Students play individually and choose cards and decide which crocodile belongs in the middle. Use the sheet to record their answers. I like to laminate it to use during my maths rotations. They write the numbers in the squares and add the correct symbol into the circle.