Reach the pot of gold - partitioning 10 game

Play this game to help your students remember all the ways to make 10! Partitioning is an important skill and this game provides the chance for lots of repetition in a fun way!

Students play this game in pairs and each student has their own gameboard. They will need a set of counters and 2 ten sided dice between them. 

Students roll the dice and see if the two numbers add together to make 10. If they do they get to place a counter on one of the pots of gold. The first player to get their five pots covered is the winner! 

We chose a rainbow as the basis for the game as many people teach their students to partition numbers using the 'rainbow method'. If they were partitioning 10 they write the numbers 0-10 in a line. The choose a coloured pencil and then draw a line in arch shape from the 1st number to the last 0 -10. Then they choose another colour and connect the the second number to the second last number 1-9. They continue to do this until their 'rainbow' is complete. This helps them to easily see all the ways to make a number. You could use this method with any number. On the game board you will see the rainbow with the numbers set out in this way!