Today's Nifty Number Chart

Use Today's Nifty Number Chart to explore different numbers with your students.

Included is the Title page which says' Today's nifty Number' and a box for you to write the number of the day in. 

There are 33 different headings for you to use to explore the number of the day and some blank rectangles for you to make your own if needed. Laminate the headings and use them on your poster to suit your needs. We velcro ours on so we can change the headings to suit the number or concepts we are teaching. 

There are different ways you could use this poster:

For younger students we choose about 10 of the headings to discuss and place them underneath eachother onto a large poster. We used laminated blank rectangles and squares and placed them next to each heading to write/draw the answer into. With younger students we use this during our maths mat session and complete the chart together. Great way to do mental maths with your students.

For more capable students we made the poster using around 20 of the headings and used velcro to place them on the poster in two columns. We did not place any blank rectangles/ square for the answers. As your students become more familiar with the chart and what the headings mean through your mat sessions, they complete an entry into their maths journal about the number. Either as whole class work or during your maths rotations students move through the chart and write the answer for each heading into their maths journal. Someone is then choosen at the end of the activity or rotation activities to share their findings with the class.