Peek at my Student Portfolio
26 July 2013 - 5 min Read
If there's one thing to be certain of it's that teachers are nosey creatures! I know I am! That's why I thought you'd like to check out what went into my Semester 1 Kindergarten portfolios. The "rough" order of the portfolio is term 1 things first, then term 2, and within each term I have grouped literacy, numeracy, fine motor and theme.


As anyone who does portfolios knows they really are a LABOUR of love! Many, many hours are spent putting them together, however I feel that it is time well spent. They are such a special keepsake and I sure hope my little man gets one when he starts school! We also complete a semester report which went home with the portfolio.


I hope you enjoy checking them out. Many of the resources are from our website, I have placed the links under the pages where appropriate.


File 6367


File 6368


File 6370


A picture of me assessment tag can be found here


File 6369


My first name writing sample can be found here


File 6372


File 6371


Syllable assessment can be found here    


Rhyme assessment can be found here


File 6374


File 6375


Dinosaur counting assessment can be found here


File 6376


Shape assessment can be found here


File 6377


File 6378


Terrific tracing assessment can be found here


File 6366


Hope you enjoyed checking out what goes into my portfolios. We'd love to hear your feedback on these you can share your ideas with us on our Facebook page.


Enjoy your weekend peeps!


Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan!'


 Top Teacher xx

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