Guided Reading Tip #1

In our class we have recently begun small guided reading groups. Many of the students are still mastering concept of print such as reading left to right and 1 word read equals 1 word spoken. To help the student master these concepts we made a word highlighter that they use during guided reading groups. 

                                    File 2577

To make your own word highlighter you will need a popstick, light coloured cellophane, laminating pouch and sticky tape or hot glue. Simply cut a section of cellophane out - the size may be changed to suit your purpose eg small square if focusing on initial sounds, larger square if focusing on whole words. Laminate the sections of cellophane and then cut out and attach to a popstick. When selecting your cellophane colour make sure that it is easy to see through - we find yellow works best. The word highlighter helps the students to follow along as they read and keeps them engaged and focused!

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We also use the word highlighter when playing games in our reading groups. With a partner the students take turns to say a word or sound for their friend to find with their word highlighter. The word highlighter can also be used to identify punctuation within sentences and find sight words.