2D shape recognition and properties assessment

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2D shape recognition and properties assessment


Use this template to assess your student knowledge of 2D shapes and their properties. At the top of the sheet is a description of the activity making it clear for parents to understand what was expected in the task.

Shapes included are circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval ,diamond, pentagon. hexagon and octagon.

We enlarged the template to A3 and had students use shape stamps to print each of the shapes onto the paper. Use could also use sticks, paper cut outs, stencils etc to complete this part of the task.

As each shape was printed the student was asked to name it and then describe the shapes properties. This was recorded into the table at the bottom of the sheet. Next to it is a place to highlight whether students are achieving the outcome, or still working towards it.

Find it under Maths – Shape and Class Ideas – Assessment

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