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Aboriginal Symbol Sensory Tray – NAIDOC


Print and Laminate the ‘Path to Learning’ Artwork and place in the bottom on a tray.

Cover artwork with sand and add some brushes (either paint brushes home-made nature brushes) or sticks to the tray.

Moving the sand around with brushes or sticks, can students locate all the symbols as they are represented in the artwork.

Option: To cross out on the recording sheet as symbols are located. 

This resource contains an exclusive artwork create by contemporary Aboriginal Artist Ryhia Dank, a Gudanji/Wakaja woman from the Barkly Tablelands titled ‘The Path to Learning’. This artwork contains 26 different aboriginal symbols, each starting with a letter from the alphabet. 

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Alphabet Activities, Geography, History
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Activities & Games, Play, Play Trays
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