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All The Reasons: To the class of 2022



Are you looking for a fun ‘End of Year’ writing task – that will create a wonderful display or ‘book’  for your 2022 students?


In this resource, have your current students write a message to your new class, letting them know some of the reasons they will love being in this grade.


A variety of response pages have been included, depending on your desired end product:

–       Create a book to read to your new students

–       Create a bunting style display to hang around your room

–       Create a notice board display.


If you are a Foundation teacher, you may choose to create a book that you can send to your local Kindergartens to share with your future students what ‘Big School’ is like.

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Writing, Writing Activities
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ACELY1652, ACELY1661, ACELY1671
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