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CAFE Reading Strategy Display


This resource includes all you need to create a CAFÉ READING STRATEGY display. As well as all CAFE strategies for each category. Just print the headers, display on a wall and add each strategy as you teach it.

C – Comprehension – I understand what I read.
A – Accuracy – I can read the words correctly.
F – Fluency – I can read with expression.
E – Expand Vocabulary – I know, find and use interesting words.

There are 43 reading strategies in all, plus several blank cards for you to add other strategies as you wish. Each strategy is color-coded to match the category it goes under.

Learning Area
Reading Displays
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELY1649, ACELY1650, ACELY1659, ACELY1660, ACELY1669, ACELY1670, ACELY1679, ACELY1682
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