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Classroom Kindness Countdown

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Countdown the last few weeks of school with an act of kindness each day.

Print the ‘topper’ on a stiff card and cut a slit along the black line. Choose to use the coloured version or black and white version (could be printed on coloured paper) of the ‘Acts oF Kindness’.


Either use our ‘Acts of Kindness’ or edit to make your own. You may even have students come up with the acts of kindness your class with enact over the weeks.


Print the ‘acts’ double-sided – choosing to ‘Flip on the short end’ in the print options so that colours match on both sides.


Create a chain with the ‘acts’ – having the ‘Classroom Kindness Countdown’ text on the outside of the chain so that the actual kindness acts are kept a surprise until it is revealed.

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