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Dinosaur Patterns!

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Dinosaur Patterns!


Use this game to help students with AB, ABB, AAB and ABC patterns. Print and laminate the recording sheet for each student to use during the activity. Cut and laminate each of the dinosaurs and place them into a container. There are 6 different patterns for each of the 6 dinosaurs (36 patterns cards altogether)Students take a dinosaur out and look at the pattern in the dinosaur body. They find this dinosaur on their recording sheet and using chubby markers colour in the pattern and continue it to the end of the row. They then choose another dinosaur out of the container. If is it a dinosaur they have already done (eg pull out purple dinosaur and it’s already coloured in) they put it back and get another one out.

They continue until they have completed a pattern for each different dinosaur.

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Patterns and Algebra
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Activities & Games
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