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Fairy Tales Barrier Games Bundle

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Fairy Tales Barrier Games Bundle

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These barrier games are a fun way to develop listening skills, oral language skills, social language skills, clear talking and understanding and use of concepts.

Barrier games require a listener, a speaker, two identical sets of materials and a barrier such as a large book that will stand up. The barrier is placed between the two players so that each cannot see the others materials. The speaker then arranges his materials and describes to the listener what they’re doing. The listener arranges his/her materials in the same way. When completed, the barrier is removed and the materials should look the same.


There Fairy Tales covered are:

– The Three Little Pigs

– Little Red Riding Hood

– Jack and the Beanstalk

– Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Learning Area
Location and Transformation, Speaking and Listening
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELY1784, ACELY1656, ACELY1789, ACMMG010, ACMMG023,
Resource type
Activities & Games
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