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Fine Motor Task Cards – Editable

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Use these task cards to create an easy to manage, engaging class fine motor program.

This resource includes 36 engaging fine motor activities – perfect to use for morning work, rotations, free choice or as additional support at home. Also included is a blank page so that you can add your own activities to the resource.

Once prepped, these are simple to put out for the children to work on independently, or with parent support in the mornings (this is how we used it in our classrooms). There are plenty of activities to give you choice to use throughout the year & increase the difficulty as needed. They are hands-on, engaging and cater for different learning types! The printables used in the resource can all be found on the webby, just click on the links below Playing with Playdough – Scissor Skills worksheets – Popstick Patterns – Button & Matchsticks We think these activities work best with parent support. Click here to download our editable parent information letter.


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