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EDITABLE ‘I Spy’ Bottles

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Your students will love using these ‘I Spy’ bottles to search and find cards hidden in coloured rice.

There are lots of skills that can be practised with these bottle – letter identification, sight words, reading cvc words, number identification, addition and subtraction… the list goes on!The recording sheets are completely editable so you can set them up to suit your students needs.

To use the bottles students will shake the bottles to locate the hidden cards. They can then either locate the matching word/letter/number on the recording sheet and colour in the box/place a counter on top. Alternatively they can use a blank recording sheet and write the word/letter/number into a blnak box.To set up the bottles begin filling an empty water bottle with rice a bit at a time, each time you pour in the rice add a couple of cards to ensure they are scattered throughout. Keep going until the bottle is about 3/4 way full. Dont’ fill to the top or there will be no room to move the rice and cards around.

You may like to record the number of the bottle on the lid to match the recording sheet.

Learning Area
Addition and Subtraction, Alphabet Displays, Number Work, Sight Words
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1817, ACELA1821, ACELA1438
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Activities & Games
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