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Interviewing About The Past


 Using these printable activities students will interview an older member of their family about how their life was in the past. There are 5 different sheets available so you can choose the one that best suits your students and the learning objectives. There is also a set of 5W questioning posters that can be used  to enhance the learning occurring (when, where, what, who, why).

Activity 1: The first sheet ‘Meet My Family’ is intended as a ‘fill in the gap’ style interview for students to  find out more about an older family members life in the past.

Activity 2: The second sheet is designed for older students to think of their own questions to ask an older family member.( It can be used alongside the 5W questioning posters)

Activity 3: Similar to activity 2 but allows space for students to actually ask their relative the question and write their response.

Activity 4: A more traditional style interview for grandparents/vips. Activity 5: Activity to identify similarities and differences from their lives to those of their older relatives.   

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