Kindergarten Maths Warm-ups PowerPoint

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Kindergarten Maths Warm-ups PowerPoint

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This Kindergarten Maths warm-up PowerPoint is aligned to the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and is a great way to introduce, reinforce and practise a wide range of Maths skills. It includes 164 slides for you to choose from. You can edit, duplicate and shuffle the slides to suit the learning needs of your students.

Watch this video for a preview of the PowerPoint…

Some of the concepts/skills covered in this resource include:

Number & Algebra

  • Identifying numbers
  • Counting backwards
  • Knowing numbers before and after
  • Matching amounts (numbers to pictures)
  • Making collections
  • Representing numbers in a range of ways
  • Subitising
  • Counting practise
  • One more one less
  • Continuing patterns
  • Creating patterns

Measurement and Geometry

  • Identifying heavy/light items
  • Identifying long/short items
  • Identifying which container will hold more/less
  • Identifying shapes
  • Describing shapes

Statistics & Probability

  • Answering yes/no questions
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Maths, Measurement, Number, Shape, Statistics and Probability
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