Let’s Go Shopping – Christmas Edition

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Let’s Go Shopping – Christmas Edition

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Are you looking for something quick, easy and engaging to do with your students as we head towards the end of the year? We have a range of Christmas Digital Resources that require no prep and are curriculum aligned. 

This PowerPoint covers students knowledge of Australian coins and notes, as well as adding dollar amounts together. 

Each slide offers students a scenario: “I have _____ much money, what can I buy”.

This PowerPoint offers financial math problems to cater for a wide range of abilities. Starting from having students choose a single item to purchase that matches their dollar amount, to choosing 2 items that match their dollar amount, to open-ended questions where there are multiple answers to what students could choose to buy with their dollar amount. 

How many different ways can your students spend the money they have been given? 


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Maths, Money
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Digital Resources
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