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Lets Make Words Game (Word Families/Cvc)

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Lets Make Words Game (Word Families/Cvc)


This game involves students sounding out and creating words using word families.

There are 2 different versions of this game and each one comes with 5 different game boards – (one for each vowel and the word families that go with it).

The first version involves students picking letters and seeing if they can use it to create a word on their game board. If they can they place it into the correct square, however if not they put it back into the pile.

The 1st person to create a word with all of the word families on their game board is the winner.The second version is the same as the first, however also requires students to write the word after they have created one.

This box is just underneath the word they have created.You can use velcro or bluetack on the squares to help the letters stick.

Students love this game and thought it was hilarious when they made a nonsense word! (oh the things that amuse them!)A great addition to your literacy rotations that involves sounding out/blending cvc words and writing.

Learning Area
Word Families, Word Work, Spelling
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1820, ACELA1819, ACELA1438, ACELA1457
Resource type
Activities & Games
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