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Name 5 Board Game – EDITABLE

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Name 5 Board Game – EDITABLE

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This is the editable version of the Name 5 Game Board.

This game can be played in pairs or in groups. The Name 5 board game requires students to take turns rolling a dice, moving that many spaces and listing 5 things related to the topics they land on as they make their way around the board. The winner is the first to the finish tile.

Check out the pre-filled Game Board

Some of the topics covered include:

–           Colours

–           Shapes

–           Planets

–           Animals and insects

–           Pets

–           Sizing

–           Transport vehicles

–           Fruit and vegetables



Learning Area
Speaking and Listening
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELY1784, ACELY1656, ACELY1789
Resource type
Activities & Games
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