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Patterning Cards – Set of 60


Use these pattern cards as each new patterning concept is introduced (eg AB, AAB, AABB etc) or use them to differentiate the learning happening in your classroom.

This resource includes 8 of each pattern type – AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, AABB, ABBC, ABCD and also a blank page for your students to use and create their own pattern.

To use the cards cut and laminate.

The pattern can then be created by using coloured counters, items or pegs.

Tip: use wooden pegs which can be coloured on the end.

By using a different colour on each side you will find the activity will run more smoothly as the students will have more options to choose from and wont be left sitting around waiting for a specific colour.

By using pegs you are also squeezing a bit more fine more practise into your busy day – winning!

Learning Area
Patterns and Algebra
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Activities & Games
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