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Phonics Reading Mats SPACE


Students will practise blending learnt sounds together to read CVC/CVCC/CCVC words.

Available in three different sets to match our phonics PowerPoints.


Set 1 uses the phonemes: s,a,t,p,i,n,m,f,c

Set 2 uses the phonemes: d,o,g,v,k,b,h,l,j,e

Set 3 uses the phonemes: r,u,y,qu,z,x,w


Turn this into a hands on learning experience by having your students use a matching themed prop to move along to each sound and sound the word out as they go.


These reading cards are also available in a Garden and Pond theme.

Learning Area
Word Work, Guided Reading, Reading Activities
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELA1440, ACELA1474, ACELA1457, ACELA1820
Resource type
Activities & Games
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