Spot The Spider – A Subitising Game

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Spot The Spider – A Subitising Game


Subitising game featuring standard and non-standard formation.

So what is subitising and why teach it? The ability to subitise can be developed, and uses a student’s pattern recognition skills. Part part whole understanding is usually used to subitise numbers over 4 or 5. This means a student looking at this pattern doesn’t usually see 7, but instead 1 and 6, or maybe 2 and 5. This is one of the reasons larger patterns shouldn’t be used until students are familiar with various representations of numbers 1 to 5.

HOW TO PLAY…Each player needs their own game board (there are 6 different colours). Place the spider cards in a pile in the middle. You may chose to do only standard or non standard formation – or a combination of both. Take turns to select a card from the pile. If the number of dots can be identified immediately then the player places a counter on a spider with that number on their game board. Continue playing until someone covers all of their spiders with counters.    

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