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Superhero Saves the Day


This activity is a fun way to introduce coding without the use of digital technologies.

Students will use the direction cards to create a pathway for their hero to follow. The mission can be changed to create new tasks for them to complete – eg return to the superhero headquarters, rescue the orb, rescue their captured friend…We used a wooden tray from Kmart to create the ‘map’ and have arranged different items around the tray. Using the wooden tray makes it easy to pick it up and move it around the classroom. To complete the task students need to use the direction cards to create a path for the superhero to follow without going through any of the features (city buildings, bad guys etc) on the board.

Included in this download is a recording sheet for student to write down their directions and use the correct language, a printable set of direction cards, and printable obstacle cards (city, gems, bad guys).

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Design and Technologies, Shapes
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Activities & Games
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