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Syllable Shop

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This is a fun small group game to play when practising the phonological awareness skill of breaking words into syllables.

Included in this resource is: 4 shops, 6 cards for 1/2/3/4 syllable words, a page of blank gold coins, a page of numbered coins (1-4).

There are 4 different shops – each can hold 6 different items. We suggest you mix the items up in each shop so that it isn’t obvious to the students where to get a 2 syllable item from (for example).

Once you have set the shops up each child will need a little shopping bag (I used a treat bag from the party section) and some gold coins. Instead of using the printable coins we think some play coins would be more fun, and let’s be honest cutting out all those little circles is not our idea of fun!

To play each child will take turns selecting an item from a shop, working out how many beats/syllables are in the word and then paying the teacher that amount of coins.

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