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Do you use ‘Turn and Talk’ in your classroom? Encouraging students to talk with a partner about particular topics in a modelled and structured manner is a great classroom practice. It can take time to set up, but when in action – all students are accountable and active in the learning process rather than just those that like to put their hands up.

This resource Is a set of 3 posters outlining the basics of ‘Turn and Talk’. What the steps are, What each role looks like and a selection of Sentence Frames to assist the listener in responding to the speaker.

You may also be interested in our Turn and Talk End of Year PowerPoint or our Auto-fill PDF form that pairs up students for you.

Learning Area
Speaking and Listening
Australian Curriculum Code
ACELY1784, ACELY1647, ACELY1788, ACELY1657, ACELY1789, ACELY1667
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