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Who Lives In My House


Students create a house with lift up windows to show who lives in their house.


Give students a house template that represents the number of people that live in their house (templates for 2 – 7 family members are included – if a child has more, students can draw 2 or 3 people together in the one window. Students draw themselves in the door frame, and each other family member in the window frames. Colour in (or collage/paint) the rest of the house. Glue door and window pieces as indicated to create a ‘lift the flap’. (Doors and windows can be copied on coloured paper to add more colour). The names of the family members can be written on the back of the window/door or at the bottom of each frame. Pets could be included, or drawn outside of the house. These could be displayed as is, or compiled into a class book.

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