Classroom Spelling Activities: SPELL It Out!
3 July 2018 - 5 min Read
Spelling can often be seen as one of those boring subjects that is done through rote learning and repetitive activities. It doesn’t have to be a tedious lesson, you can make it fun and engaging for your students. We have just added some new spelling resources to the website and will be featured below. Also check out some fun hands on spelling games and activities you don’t need worksheets for!

  Spelling Folder

  Do you do ‘Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check’ or the equivalent? (I know some people use different wording – which is why this document if fully editable so you can name it to suit your class!) Do you find that sometimes you have those kids who find it hard to keep the spelling list and previous day’s words covered? Those little peekers! Haha This easy to make spelling folder allows you to create lift up flaps for each day of the week to hopefully solve that problem. Use a folder and glue the printable spelling folder cover onto the front. Then slice up lines to easily create the flaps. You might like to laminate the spelling cover to make it more durable and long lasting.


File 11129

  The little tab on the bottom is perfect for writing student names if you would like each student to have their own folder.Included in the document is also a completely editable 5 and 10 spelling word LCSWC template (for you to change the wording or enter the spelling words in for younger students) This easily slides into the folder and the columns all match up! Voila! Another idea is having a paper clip attached the folder and this helps to keep the paper securely in place!

  Download the folder template here

  Spelling Printables

  These editable spelling activities can be used with any word list! They're perfect for spelling homework, spelling rotations word work, and more! The activities are also in power point if you would like to add spelling words in for your students as premade worksheets – or else you can leave them blank and let students have more choice of the words they use in the activities.

File 11135

File 11133

  A fun way to set up your spelling activities is to place them in an expanding file with the activity name on the tab. Photocopy many of each activity and place in the different sections all ready to go for when you need them. The 19 file folders are great to fit all the different activities in. If your class has more choice on the activities they complete they can go and choose their own activity during spelling time or rotations or it just allows you to be more prepared.Here are some of the printable activities included in the spelling sheet package

  Download the printables here!

File 11132

File 11132

File 11140

File 11131

  Here are some other fun activities on the website you could use during spelling!

Terrific Typing (and ipad typing)

  File 11145


  Battleship Words

  File 11148

  Read it, make it, write it

  Hands on Spelling Fun 

  Hands on Spelling FunActivities that we love to make spelling words:
  • Playdough words
  • Lego words
  • Glue and glitter words
  • Writing words in sand/shaving cream/paint
  • Make words from alphabet stones
  • Cutting letters out of magazines
  • Magnetic letters
  • Creating word chains
  • Writing words with Chalk


File 11149

  Students love learning through games and spelling ones are some of my favourite! Here are some fun games

  you like might like to have a go it!

  Musical chairs spelling- students move around the chairs to music and sit on a card with a word face down. When the music stops everyone finds a chair and collects a word. The teacher calls out a word and whoever has that word is out and a chair is removed. Continue playing until there is one winner.

  Musical statues/bobs spelling – Students dance to music and freeze/bob down when the music stops. The teacher calls out a spelling word and if they can correctly spell verbally/write on the board (depending on how you would like to play) they can stay in the game!

  Spelling Race/Word relay – Students play in teams and race to the board to write their given sight word. You may like the play one at a time or as a relay where all student on that time need to take turns writing the word.

  Burning down the house/ hangman – Guess the letters to the word! Play teacher vs students and see wh9o make sit first to 5 wins

  Around the world words – Students play in a circle and are shown a spelling word or asked to spell it. If incorrect they sit down and continue until there is one winner.

  Action words – Have sight words on flashcards or power point presentation. Also add in some actions – run, jump, hop, star jump etc and student call or the word or do the action shown

  Swat the word – Play in teams and have spelling words on the board. The two players have a fly swat and need to ‘swat’ the correct word to earn a point for their team .

  Hide and seek words – Hide words around the room and have student fond them


File 11150


Please let us know what other spelling resources you would like added to the webby!


File 10776

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