Spelling Made Easy!
10 February 2020 - 5 min Read

Spelling can often be seen as one of those boring subjects that is done through rote learning and repetitive activities. It doesn’t have to be a tedious lesson, you can make it fun and engaging for your students. We also want to make it enjoyable for you, and most importantly easy for you to plan and be organised for!

So lets break it into two sections: Making life easy for you and Making spelling fun for your students.

Making Life Easier For You

We have a range of different spelling booklets and creating these for a term at a time can help to keep your super organised!

  • Spelling Activity Booklets

Use this spelling activity booklet as a part of your literacy block, for homework or as morning work at the start of the day. It comes in 5, 10 and 20 word lists.

The booklet includes an activity a day (Monday - Thursday), and has three different sets of activities. Simply copy the number of weeks that you require for the term.

  • Spelling Test Booklets

This test booklet includes space for 5 words, a sentence and a picture for the students to colour in while waiting for their words to be called out - perfect for classes that have multiple spelling lists on the go. It comes in 5, 10 and 20 word lists.

The booklet has 10 different pages each with an alternative image to colour in.

Use this sheet to practise the weekly spelling words, or as a great addition to your class homework. Create a booklet with as many pages as you need.

  • Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Spelling Folder

Do you do ‘Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check’ or the equivalent? (I know some people use different wording – which is why this document if fully editable so you can name it to suit your class!) Do you find that sometimes you have those kids who find it hard to keep the spelling list and previous day’s words covered? Those little peekers! Haha This easy to make spelling folder allows you to create lift up flaps for each day of the week to hopefully solve that problem. Use a folder and glue the printable spelling folder cover onto the front. Then slice up lines to easily create the flaps. You might like to laminate the spelling cover to make it more durable and long lasting.

These editable spelling activities can be used with any word list! They're perfect for spelling homework, spelling rotations word work, and more! The activities are also in power point if you would like to add spelling words in for your students as premade worksheets – or else you can leave them blank and let students have more choice of the words they use in the activities.

Making Spelling Fun For Your Students

We we have just added these fun new activities to the website - Find them under Spelling!

  • Spelling Sundae

  • Tic Tac Spell

  • Banana Words

  • Spelling Scrabble

  • Spelling Task Cards 

Try them out in your class and let us know how they go!

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