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25 October 2019 - 5 min Read
Survival Tips for the Upcoming Report Season

Can you feel Christmas just around the corner? We LOVE term 4 now that winter is long gone and summer family time is on the horizon.

If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning the class Christmas party.

Of course, if you’re anything like Bridget then you’re also smashing through reports to get them out of the way before #beachseason starts. Or are you more of a Shez who works better under pressure, cranking out reports in the last few weeks?

Reporting is so important for kids and parents, but it’s something almost every teacher dreads in term 4.

If you thought we’d leave you high and dry to get through reporting alone, think again!

Before you start draping tinsel over desks, let’s get through reporting season together shall we?

Report Season Essentials:


Coffee and Snacks:


This one kind of goes without saying. Just make sure you keep a stash of snacks where your little ones can’t find them – you’re not sharing!


#Selfcare EVERYday:


It’s important to look after yourself so you can see out the year with the same energy you brought to week 1. Check out our latest blog for tips on managing stress. You’ll want to add ‘go for a walk’ to your teacher planner after reading this.


Top Teacher's Report Comment Resource:


Alright, here’s our secret weapon. It doesn’t matter if you’re team Shez or Bridget, writing meaningful report comments is seriously tricky. How do you make sure you highlight a child’s individual achievements, personality and challenges in language parents actually understand? Our Report Comment Resource is chock-a-block full of relevant, insightful comments to help you write reports without breaking a sweat. It’s a total game-changer (if we do say so ourselves).


Here’s what it has for you:


  • Australian Curriculum-aligned comments
  • Foundation to Year 3
  • General, English and Maths for all year levels
  • Split into Above | Satisfactory | Below
  • Future-focussed comments
  • Our ‘special sauce’ general statements
  • Personal progress updates
  • Parent-friendly language


How our Australian teaching resource works:


Step 1: The super handy curriculum-aligned comment resource breaks down common strengths and weaknesses into groups like “relationships”, “behaviour & attitude” and “traits”.

Step 2: Then you’ve got sentence starters for future-focussed comments to give parents an idea of what their child is working towards.

Step 3: In each subject area there are comments for the different achievement levels, aligned to the Australian Curriculum skills and abilities.

Step 4: Get inspo from the “general statements” section in each subject. They’re parent-friendly and specific about what the child can and can’t do, to give real nuggets of insight.

Step 5: Hours and hours of time saved wracking your brains for amazing report comments.


Seriously, there are HEAPS of comments and prompts in this comment resource.

Check out our Insta to see how it works. You can even copy and paste straight from the Excel sheet or tweak the comments for something more personal.

We know it can be tough to stay motivated but with our teacher resources and the support of other teachers, you can smash through reports and still be smiling when you send the kids off to summer holidays.

Download the Report Comment Resource now to power through reports. And while you’re at it, why not subscribe to receive all our Australian teaching resources?

What are your fave report comments? Join the Top Teacher community or get social with us to share your go-to gold.

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