Teach Counting with Coloured Popsticks!
1 August 2012 - 5 min Read
Last term our Kindergarten class (4 year olds) focused on the numbers 1 to 5. Although most of the students were able to count to beyond this number, a lot of them were still struggling to recognise each number out of sequence. We also looked at the correct formation of each number (using our cute number formation poems available here!) and making collections of items to match each number.As a wrap up activity to this learning each student made their own set of number sticks.

Once dry the popsticks went into a labelled ziplock bag with this little note to the parents explaining what the number stick were and how they could use them at home to assist their child's learning. Download your copy of the number sticks note here.
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I also sent home a note to the parents in my class with some information about our number formation poems after having several parent helpers comment on how they wished they too knew the rhymes so they could use them at home. You can grab yourself a copy of the note by clicking here.

  To begin each child was given 5 different coloured popsticks numbered 1-5. They first had to read the numbers and line them up in the correct order (great reinforcement of number recognition and sequencing!), then they had to count out collections of items for each popstick (more practise at saying the number sequence, one to one correspondence and matching writing numbers to collections of object). We used a hot glue gun to attach the pieces to each popstick (thank goodness for parent help!). We will be uploading our numbers 1-5 student workbook to the website soon so keep your eyes peeled! Until then...

  'Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson plan' Top Teacher xx

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