Top Teacher 2.0
5 May 2018 - 5 min Read
  The time has arrived for us to share our new website with you all!


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It’s the same old Top Teacher resources, but with a fresh look and improved user features. We have spent the past 6 months thinking about how people use the website, questions we get regarding website usability and features on other websites that we like - and rolled it all into one big shiny new website!


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(Accurate representation of how we felt most days during pre-launch phase haha)


Some of the new features include...


  • A better search function and a new location that stays at the top of the screen no matter what page you are on.


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  • Dropdown menus which make it easier for you to navigate around the website.


  • One of our favourite new features is the suggested resources section at the bottom of each resource page. This is a feature we loved on some of our most visited fashion websites so we have incorporated it into the new webby. Think of it as a matching pair of shoes for the resource you are downloading!


We love hearing from you! We’d love it if you popped over to our Insta or Facebook page and leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts on the new webby, any topics you’d like us to blog about, or any resource requests you may have.


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