Wellness Tips For Overwhelmed Teachers
18 October 2019 - 5 min Read

Everyone’s jumping on the 'wellbeing bandwagon', including us! We’re a little worried about how many overwhelmed teachers are out there not getting the support they need.

Selfcare is non-negotiable if you want to be an effective teacher.

Taking time every day to look after number 1 helps you manage stress and become more productive, making you a better teacher! And it really isn’t as hard as you think.


Here’s a few of our fave strategies to help overwhelmed teachers manage stress (and yes, ‘getting a dog’ is on the list).

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep isn’t just about energy levels, sleep also recharges our brains so we can kick butt the next day. Try this: set an evening alarm that tells you to switch off your laptop and start winding down. Seriously, you’ll thank us in the morning.

Get outside

Ever wondered why you send the kiddies out to run around at recess and lunch? Fresh air and a little exercise have an incredible effect on reducing stress levels. Take half an hour 3-4 times a week to jog around the park, walk the dog, or just stroll and let your mind wander.

Leave work on time

Okay, you’re probably thinking “if only it was that easy!” Right? But if you’ve been super productive you should be able to walk out the door on time at least a few days a week. We’ve got you covered with tips for work life balance.

Find a hobby (or get a pet)

We’re huge advocates for fur therapy but pets can be demanding on time. If you’re not quite ready for a dog, try picking up a hobby. It might be something solo like knitting (it’s a thing again) or social like mixed netball. Whatever you’re into, hobbies help with stress by letting us focus on something else for a little while.

Take time for you

Switch off your phone, break out that new bath bomb, fill the tub and just relax. Or if that’s not your thing, maybe try going to the movies or getting a massage. You do you, and don’t you dare feel guilty about it!

Clear away admin in the morning

If you’re anything like us, admin is pretty much the last thing you want to do first thing. But – and trust us on this – getting admin done before the lessons start means it’s off your mind and you can leave on time.

Get help from friends, colleagues and resources available to you

When you’re starting to feel overwhelmed it’s important to reach out and talk: to friends for emotional support, colleagues to help you solve problems, professional networks for support. Did we mention getting a dog?

You’re always welcome to reach out to Top Teachers for a hand as well. Join the community or get social with us to benefit from all kinds of tips and support from experienced teachers.

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