Seasons of the Year: Winter Wonderland
21 August 2013 - 5 min Read
This term in Kindy we are looking at weather, and in particular the seasons. We decided to start with Winter as it is the season we are currently in and is therefore easy for the students to develop an understanding through direct experience. Due to the large emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills (which take up 80% of our day) we decided to bring the theme in through our home corner. Ways we intend to do this include changing the clothes and accessories to suit the weather and we will also be adapting a tree to match the season.


People who follow us on Facebook would have already had a sneak peek at this photo! To turn the home corner into a Winter wonderland we painted the window to set the screen for a stormy Winters day. We also strung packing foam from the rafters using fishing wire to create the illusion of snow. As you can see the tree has no leaves on it yet, but as we progress into Spring leaves will begin to bud.


Another element of the classroom that we will be changing to suit the seasons is our sensory bin... The students loved playing with the fake snow!


File 6395


Here's a look at some of the weather activities we have been working on...


File 6396
We use our weather wheels every day. After checking the weather the students place their arrow pointing towards the weather of the day.
You can download your own pictures for the weather wheel here


File 6402
Rainy day umbrella craft. We made the umbrella by collaging half a paper plate.


File 6403
We made our own rain! This is a super simple experiment that had the students captivated. To do this experiment in your class all you need is a clear cup, water, shaving foam and blue food dye. Half fill the cup with water and then squirt in a big dollop of shaving foam. Then, using an eye dropper, drop some coloured food dye onto the shaving foam cloud.


File 6404
And finally... we decorated our door after some "pin-spiration"!


Stay tuned for further weather related activities!


'Remember keep calm and pretend it's on the lesson'


Top Teacher xx

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